Gilmore Girls: At Home in Stars Hollow

Micol Ostow
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Take a walk down memory lane with the Gilmore Girls as they reminisce on the moments that made Stars Hollow the perfect home for a young mother and daughter. Full-color illustrations as charming as the town square, and sweet memories appropriate for fans of all ages, bring the Gilmore Girls to a new generation.

Lorelai and Rory recall when they first arrived in Stars Hollow in search of a welcoming home and community. In this delightfully illustrated picture book, pivotal moments in Lorelai’s and Rory’s lives are revisited. See the sweet potting shed behind the Independence Inn where the Girls made their home, experience how Rory and Lane first met, and celebrate the seasons with the whole community of Stars Hollow.

The Gilmore Girls Favorite. Learn for the first time how Lorelai and Rory were embraced by the town of Stars Hollow.

For Fans Of All. The memories of a young mother and her daughter seeking a welcoming home and community are depicted with warmth and charm appropriate for all ages.

Old Friends, Memorable. Filled with fan-favorite characters including Miss Patty, Luke, Sookie, and more.

Beautifully. Original full-color illustrations bring the town and residents of Stars Hollow to life like never before.

For Mother's Day And Every. This book is a perfect gift for Mother's Day or for a quiet bedtime story any night of the year.

Illustrated by Cecilia Messina.


Micol Ostow
Simon & Schuster
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285x235 mm
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