Be That Person

Lorelei Nassar
79.00 Lei
What would you expect to hear when talking about transpersonal experiences or enlarged states of consciousness? For sure not a surgeon’s story, but that’s what the book is about! Starting with some childhood memories under a communist regime and reviewing important stages in her personal development, Dr. Lorelei describes interesting insights she had in expanded consciousness states using Hemi Sync Meditations and the way they changed her life.Along the way, she brings in scientific proofs from quantum physics, cosmology, psychology, and other fields that those transpersonal states are real – and, in fact, that Out of Body experiences (OBEs), Remote Viewing, and other so-called paranormal capacities are normal abilities which each one of us can develop through exercise, toward their own benefit and the benefit of society and the people surrounding them. After all, what we today call PARAnormal is the normality of the future!