Demonology 101: Demons, Spiritual Warfare, and Self Deliverance Prayers

Daniel C. Okpara · 2020
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When it comes to the subject of demons, Christians fall into two equal and opposite extremes. The first extreme is believing that demons don't exist or that they don't have any power at all. While the second extreme is believing too much in them and attributing every problem in life to them. We need a balance between these two extremes, and this book provides the right balance needed to deal with demons, overcome them, and live a victorious life. In this Bible study, you will learn what demons are, their origins, their names, operations, and how to deal with them. You will learn that while demons are real and can cause serious trouble, we are not to be afraid of them because God has placed us in a more powerful place of authority than them. You will learn what demonic possession and demonic oppression mean, and their difference. You will learn how to discern or know when a problem is a demonic possession or demonic oppression and not just physical health or other issues. More importantly, this book will arm you with the truth, scriptures, and prayers to cast out demons, and obtain personal deliverance.

Here's what you will learn...

  1. What Are Demons?
  2. How Did Demons Originate?
  3. Old Testament References of Demons
  4. What Jesus Said About Demons
  5. Recognizing Demons by Their Names and by Their Works
  6. Works of Demons
  7. How Demons Operate
  8. What is Demonic Possession?
  9. What is Demonic Oppression?
  10. . What is Deliverance?
  11. . Can Christians have demons in them?
  12. . How can I know if I or Someone Have Demon?
  13. . When Does One Need Deliverance?
  14. . Do I Need Deliverance As a Christian
  15. . Can I Deliver Myself From Demons?
  16. . What are the Steps to Casting Out Demons or Deliverance?
  17. . How Can I Conduct Deliverance on Myself?
  18. . How Can I Know I Have Been Delivered?
  19. . Can Demons Come Back After They Are Gone?
  20. . How Can I Maintain My Deliverance?
  21. . Prayers for Personal Deliverance.


Daniel C. Okpara
Independently Published
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200x130 mm
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